Henry Herrera, Director of Salsa Racing Dance Studios, Inc. was born and raised in Havana, Cuba where the steps Mambo, Cha-cha-chá, Son, Danzón, and Guaguancó were first introduced along with Casino style, a Cuban traditonal way of dancing to the beat , that is now known as "Salsa". Since childhood he has been avidly involved in Latin music. As his parents taught him the first steps in Casino style , his love for music grew and he began preparing for contests, many of which he won 1st place. Later he competed on municipal and provincial levels and another television program called "Para Bailar" where he won many other prizes, this at the ages of 9 through 11. Later on, his friends and him began calling out and dancing Casino style in Cuba's most popular clubs. In 1991, Henry arrived in Miami and immediately began competing in some of Miami's most popular night clubs as well as some television programs such as "Sábado Gigante and Jugando con Fernando" often placing first place. He was the Miami winner at the "Musicomanía" competition sponsored by Channel 51, Telemundo, as well as the Paladium Jack Daniels Competition.  His Rueda team was the winner of the International Hustle and Salsa Competition 2001. He was given the "Salsero of The Year 2002 Award" and also the "Chin de Plata y Oro 2002 Award" He also became the new reigning champion of the Professional Salsa Division in International Hustle & Salsa 2003. He has choreographed and performed in the movie "From Justin to Kelly" in the year 2003 in the Latin Grammy Awards 2003 and he is the dialect coach and Dance Choreographer in the movie Miami Vice. He was the recipient of the Cuban Pete Lifetime Achievement Award 2004 at the International Hustle and Salsa Competition in Miami and 2005 Honoree for the contributions as a dancer and instructor in the World of Latin Music and Dance Presented by Albert Torres Productions Inc at the 7th Annual West Coast Salsa Congress 2005. Henry has also been judge in several events including Guatemala Salsa Congress,San Marino salsa event in Italy, Marselle-France salsa congress,Venezuela salsa open ,IHSC Miami,L.A salsa congress,Philadelphia,Peru salsa congress and Las Vegas World Championship . He also performed in stage with Israel Kantor, Carlos Oliva, El Canario, Frankie Negron, Frankie Ruiz, Oscar de Leon, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Victor Manuel,NG2, Olga Tañon, Charlie Cruz,Alfredo De la Fe , Lefty Perez,Celia Cruz, Jean Carlos,Los Doctores del Ritmo, Hansel y Raul, Luis Enriquez,El General, Albita, DLG, Manolin El Medico De La Salsa, Paulo FG, La Reve, La Ritmo Oriental, Dan Den, Van Van,La Charanga Habanera, La Banda Meteoro, Irakere, Bobbie Brown, Jhonny O, Stevie B, and many more. He also provided his teaching skills to train Colin Farell, Gong Li, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Bruce Willis and many other stars. Henry Herrera also worked in dance entertaiment for Cruise Lines like Royal caribbean and Costa Victoria. He has created 43 instructional DVDs porviding detail explanation of his steps, and performances demostrating his well known talent. He has a segment on a television show, on now for Seven years, showing on Channel 41, America Te Ve.
He has also performed in many Salsa Congress and taught workshops in many places around the world like: Guatemala, Puerto Rico, France,Italia, Norway, Canada, Zurich,Gineva, Portugal, Stockholm ,Ireland,Peru, Miami ,Boston, New York, Arizona, Chicago, Los Angeles ,Texas ,Guadalupe, Bahamas,Curacao,Spain, Haiti, Dominican Replubic, Jamaica, Austria, San Fransisco,Colombia, Venezuela, Germany,Washington D.C , London, Connecticut, Georgia, North Carolina, Atlantic City, Holland,Orlando Florida, New Orleans, Tennessee, Brussels and many more... After teaching thousands of people how to dance throughout the years, competing and succeeding on a professional level he decided to open his own studios to teach others what he so much enjoys. At Salsa Racing Dance Studios you learn to dance in a short period of time with private or group lessons.

Classes Henry Herrera teach:

These are your choice of classes we can teach (your choice):

- Rueda de Casino
- Combinations one on one ( Cuban & L.A Style)

- Performance and Choreography Seminar
- Instructor Training– Need a minimum of four hours.
- Men Styling Class
- Qban Body movement techniques
- Qban Shines on 1
- Lifts and Tricks
- Rumba (Yambu,Guaguanco and Columbia)

Salsa Racing Dance Studios was created by professional instructors, united as a family, and  dedicated to teaching Salsa dancing with ease and efficiency. Our mission is to ensure our students' maximum comfort while transforming them into confident dancers in a stress relieving environment. At Salsa Racing we not only encourage everyone to learn to dance Salsa, but to experience tradition and culture as well. Our studios welcome men, women and children of all ages to have fun and learn to dance at all levels of interest and capabilities, in a time-frame which rests solely on their desire to progress. Our classes range from beginner levels to master levels with 12 levels in between, including a basic level. At Salsa Racing you have the opportunity to become a professional dancer and/or simply make new friends and enjoy the hobby. Salsa Racing Dance Studios and our instructors are qualified professionals in Latin rhythms such as Merengue, Cha-cha-chá, Guaguancó and specializing in Cuban style salsa, known as "Casino", both  one-on-one and Rueda de Casino. Our style emulates and continues the Cuban tradition that begun at Havana's Casino Deportivo in the 1950's, where it was danced to the sound of the band "Conjunto Casino" (from where it's name was derived). We call out many of the original turns like Setenta, El Dedo, Pártele el Brazo, Sombrero and many more. However, throughout the years Salsa dancing has grown in all dimensions innovating many new and exciting steps and turns, all taught at Salsa Racing. At Salsa Racing you can learn over 350 turns, all individually named and most directed with hand signals, as we maintain the Latin flavor while teaching you in a short period of time to enjoy dancing with flavor, guaranteed. At Salsa Racing "our pride" is "our tradition".

History of the Rhythms of Henry Herrera

In Cuba during the early 20th century a rhythm known as "Son" originated from African rhythms. "Son" was the dance style preferred amongst the Cuban middle class, while others preferred a slower more refined style called "Danzón". This slower dances called "Danzon" and "Danzonete" gave Enrique Jorrin the idea of creating a more energetic dance style called "Cha-Cha-Cha", which started to allow dancers to move freely and with more flavor. The result of the Haitian influence and the rhythmic modifications on the Cuban son was a new rhythm called "Mambo" in the year 1938, created by the brothers Orestes Lopez and Ismael Lopez (Cachao) and later it was introduced by "Pérez Prado" in Tropicana, Havana, Cuba in 1943. Soon after, Mambo expanded and became well known around the world, until its popularity declined in the nineteen seventies due to the competition of other popular dance styles. The different internal influences helped with the transformation of the music and the dances in Cuba, but also the external influences played an important role in the change due to the amount of tourists that used to visit the island. Rhythms like Swing, Fox Trot, Boogie Boogie and Rock & Roll were absorbed with such strength in Cuba, that their acrobatic techniques and turns were adopted and introduced by Cuban Dancers in their dances. A new style called "Casino" was first introduced in the 1950's in the Casino Deportivo, and it was defined as dancing Salsa with the use of turns. The "Casino" was the origin of what we call "The Salsa Casino Rueda Style". Salsa Casino Rueda is a group dance with a minimum of two couples, but without any maximum limit. The couples stand in a circle and are constantly changing partners. Because of the loudness of the music, the caller, who chooses the name of the moves, uses hand signals to signify those moves. Starting the rueda, the couples stand in a circle, men and woman stand opposite while the men's left hand holds the women's' right hand. Men face counter clock wise, the caller calls "Al medio" at this time, men and women are pointing in and out with their joined hands and continue until the next call. Salsa has become immensely popular all around the world with its hot rhythms enticing the body. For these reasons and more, the rhythms of salsa are my favorite.

The influence of African Rhythms in Latin Dance music is unmistakable, not unlike the mixture of rhythms and warmth of the Caribbean. It's tropical beauty creates the basis for the dance known as "Casino". Salsa Racing is this: a latin explotion and the magical beauty of movement, the dance and the choreography of the "Rueda". Salsa Racing is the most prestigious school in South Florida. They have participated in numerous events and have received accolades from the public at large. They are creative, enthusiastic and elegant. They represent the outgrowth of the Cuban Dance Schools of the 50's, where chic world-famous artists presented shows in exclusive venues.

Henry Herrera: Screen Actor Guild


Salsa Racing Director & Founder, Dancer & Choreographer.
Salsa Rueda Congress of the Americas Producer
Nationality: Cuba.
Weight: 160 lbs. Height: 5’9”. Hair: Dark Brown. Eyes: Hazel.
Skills: Producer Performer, choreographer, instructor of Salsa-Casino/Rueda and “one on one” with additional dance experience in Bachata, Merengue, Cha-cha-chá, Mambo, Son, Danzón, Pilon, Guaguancó,Street Dance and Hip-Hop.

From Justin to Kelly: Dancer and Choreographer
Miami Vice:
Dancer ,Choreographer and Dialect Coach


2005 Honoree East Coast Salsa Dancer (Albert Torres)
Cuban Pete Lifetime Achievement Award and Instructor and Dancer IHSC 2004
Chin de Oro Winner 2003! Chin Martinez.
Chin de Plata Winner 2002! Chin Martinez.
Salsero of The Year Award 2002 City of Miami.
Salsero Profile of the Month 2002 Dance Beat Newspaper.
Final Salsa Contest 1996 1st Place Club Mania.
Final Salsa Contest 1997 1st Place Club Bajas.
Final Salsa Contest 1997 1st Place Stefanos Night Club.
Final Salsa Contest 1997 1st Place La Covacha.
Final Salsa Contest 1998 1st Place Bermuda Bar.
Final Salsa Contest 1998 1st Place St. Croix Night Club.
Final Salsa Contest 1998 1st Place Taj Night Club.
Final Salsa Contest 1998 1st Place Cristal Night Club.
Final Salsa Contest 1998 1st Place Cafe Iguana Night Club.
Miami Winner 1999 1st Place Telemundo 51.
Jugando con Fernando 1999 1st Place America TV.
Sabado Gigante A Bailar, a Bailar 2000 1st Place Univ 23.
Final Salsa Contest 1st Place Los Ranchos Night Club.
Jack Daniels Competition 2001 1st Place Paladium Night Club.
Red Bull’s Dance Contest 2002 1st Place Bongo’s Night Club.
Sabado Gigante Tic Tac de la Fama 1st Place Univision 23.
Salsa Team Competition 1st Place IHSC2001.
Professional Salsa "Anything Goes" Competition 1st .
Miccosukee Salsa Contest 2004 1st Place.

Photobucket Miami Vice  
Henry and Jennifer Salsa Demo

Henry ,Johnny,alex,and Ismael Hip-Hop Demo

Salsa Racing Dance Troup Rueda de Casino Demo

 Basic Steps

 Rueda de Casino

Guaguanco pa' la Humanidad

Open Shines on 1


Henry and Zumel One on One Demo


Henry and Angely  

One on One Cuban Style





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